One question we are commonly asked, "why reptiles" well the answer is always easy, we love them and reptiles are what we know. Mammals have many shelters and rescues, KUDOS supreme to all of them. However unfortunately there are very few people who understand and are willing to take on reptiles.  Each year untold numbers of snakes and lizards are euthanized because no one wants them anymore.

A common scenario would be a spur of the moment purchase, look at that snake isn't it cool! and it's on sale for $25 I can do that no problem! then after the fact, the new owner finds out that his new little cool snake is going to be around for 30-50 years, and will grow up huge and will eat a thousand plus dollars worth of feed, suddenly the novelty wears off, and the animal is either dumped, released or worse yet killed due to sheer ignorance.

Some animals we help out have just had bad luck in the wild as well, Carmella & Aqua were both in danger when found, and both have recovered completely.  Both of these snakes are currently used to educate locals that milk snakes and water snakes are not the evil creatures they think they are, and hopefully they will spread the word, not to kill these harmless animals.
Some of our pets are purchased animals, and many are either adopted or rescued. Recently "Investment" animals were purchased for breeding, all profits generated by the sale of these snakes will be used to support the animals we take in. Substrate, feed and heating all consume money, so far all of the money needed to support these critters has come from our own pockets, with no outside help.

Wanted Red spotted Garters, Vally Garters, Blacknecks, and red stripe / blue stripe ribbons.

This space is reserved for

something in the near future.

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